Menorca, the pearl of the Mediterranean

The Biniarroca rural hotel is located in the countryside, between the towns of Sant Lluís, Es Castell, and Mahón. You can go to Sant Lluís by foot in a couple of minutes, from there you can find several buses to the precious beaches of Binibeca and Binisafúller, in Mahón, from where you can go everywhere on the island on bus.

Menorca is the most oriental island of the Balearics. It has an area of 702 square kilometers and 216 kilometers of coastline. Although it is only 47 kilometers long, it also has the most spectacular natural enclaves of the Balearic Islands. And we’re not the only ones saying it!

The history of Menorca is found in its streets. Es Castell, founded by the British in the 18th century, is the first municipality of Spain that sees the sun. The town of Sant Lluís was founded by the French and Mahón has the largest natural port of Europe. The island offers a remarkable gastronomic richness, with cheese, wines, gingers and sausages of international recognition.

The contact of Menorca with the countryside is narrow, in such a way that the horse is the star in the festivities that are held in each town during the festive time, starting in Sant Joan in June until the festivities of Mahón, the administrative capital, in the beginning of September.

There are some landmarks to highlight in the proximity of Biniarroca, just a few minutes there is the fishermen’s village Binibeca Vell, with its small whitewashed houses, the British fort of Marlborough, in the cove of San Esteban, and several geographical settlements such as Trepucó and Trebalúger.

The beaches of the municipality of San Lluís include beauties such as Punta Prima, Alcaufar or Binibeca, and in Mahón we can find Sa Mesquida or Es Grau , also in the center of Menorca you can find the Biosphere Reserve, the Albufera des Grau , ideal to practice trekking and nautical sports.

In the central area of the island, about 20 minutes by car, are the popular beaches of Son Bou and Son Saura. It is essential to climb the Toro, the highest “mountain” in all of Menorca, with 346 meters of height, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the island reaching the Port of Fornells, on the north coast: an authentic delight for the eyes and a place to taste the famous lobster stew.

At a 40-minute distance, we arrive to Ciutadella, the old medieval capital situated on the opposite corner of the island. The abundancy of natural, unspoilt coves and beaches is imprssive! And, suddenly, you realize that the trip was too short. But Menorca looked small! It is, but only on the map. Cala Turqueta, Macarella and its sister Macarelleta, Mitjana and Mitjaneta, La Vall… The list is never ending ! In Ciutadella you must also visit the Catedral de Menorca, some of its palaces and castles, and the traditional markets full of life and colour.
Aware of the jewel we have in our hands, there are Menorcans and Peninsulars, British, French, Italians, Belgians… All in love with this island! We will be happy to guide you and recommend the best beaches to enjoy a piece of beautiful land in the middle of a captivating sea.


The best beaches and coves of Menorca

Menorca has 131 beaches and coves. Here are some of our favorites.


ALCAUFAR: small cove for the locals, ideal to swim in the rocks. Small hotel with terrace and a restaurant in the beach.

PUNTA PRIMA: white sand and turquoise water, 5 minutes distance from the parking lot. All the services.

BINISSAFÚA: small beach, services alongside all of the coastline. Many platforms and small coves to swim.

BINIBECA: a beautiful beach with bar, WC and deck chairs available at an affordable price.

ES CALO BLANC: light blue water, nice for a quick swim.

BINIPARRATX: small virgin beach, suitable for nudism.

BINIDALI: small beach without services.


The wildest and singular beaches of all of Menorca. Little to none shadow, it can be very windy if it blows from the north (tramontane).

SA MESQUIDA: big beach, used by locals, it only has a van service that sells beverages.

ES GRAU: family beach with very shallow waters, located in a small town. There’s a big natural reserve within a short distance from the beach, where you can find a great variety of birds. If you make it until the end of the beach, you can find some isolated coves to explore.

PRESILI Y TORTUGA: two beautiful wild beaches. Within a 10-minute walk distance to the first beach, some 20 minutes to the second one. Nudist beach without services nor shadow.

SON PARC (SON SAURA) : white sand beach, services, deck chairs, parking lot within 5 minutes. If you walk through the small door in the left part of the beach and keep the path you can find small beaches.

PLAYITAS DE CALA VIOLA DE PONENT: two small virgin beaches, suitable to go diving, nudist beaches , without services.

CAVALLERIA: incredible wild red sand beach. No services, but there’s a WC in the parking lot at 400 meterss from the beach. Nudist beach. The left zone is more relaxed.

CALA MICAL at 2 kilometers of CAVALLERIA. No services.

BINIMEL LA: a nice beach, but is fundamentally where you can park to go to the PREGONDA beach. It has a restaurant-bar and two small beaches at the right.

PREGONDA and PREGONDO: incredible beach of red sand, with some interesting rock formations in the middle of the bay.

PLAYA DEL PILAR: another required visit to the north coast , although the parking lot is around 30 minutes in walking distance through these beautiful forests. Without services, sometimes nudist beach.

PLAYA ALGAIARENS: white sand. No services, WC in the parking lot with a walking distance of around 30 minutes.


The beaches in the south of Menorca differ from those at the north completely. They’re surrounded with pine forests and have white sand that gives the water a special color.

SON BOU: the most extensive beach in all of Menorca, with all of the services. Go to the left, far from the hotels and after a short trip you will arrive to a calmer zone and to the mixed nudist beach.

ST.TOMAS: another big beach with all of the amenities.

SAN ADEODATO and BINIGAUS: the wildest beach in the south coast of Menorca , with crystalline waters , impressive cliffs and a ravine. Walking to the left, around 40 minutes , through the beautiful pine forests, you will arrive to the peaceful and beautiful beaches of ESCORXADA and FUSTAM.

MITJANA and MITJANETA: there are services , but above all, it’s popular because of its natural beauty. If you go on the left side of the beach and follow the coast, you will find the Trebaluger cove.

CALA GALDANA: a great touristic center, with hotels and restaurants, and with a beautiful view of the impressive beach of white sands.

MACARELLA and MACARELLETA: there is a bar and a restaurant. There are two options to get here: in car or walkin from Cala Galdana, approximately for 30 minutes. Another popular coves and with extraordinary beauty are: TURQUETA, SON SAURA and ES TALAIER.