Each and every one of us who form the team of Biniarroca firmly believe in the natural values ​​that emanate from this beautiful island. In our team we have native people of the island, proud of their heritage and landscape richness; and with people who have decided to live on the island for what it offers in terms of preservation of the environment, pace and quality of life. Sheelagh Ratliff, the owner, is the first to bet, almost 30 years ago, on Menorca as a residence and pursued and fulfilled her dream of opening a boutique hotel with pillars respecting the rural architectural tradition of the island, the nature and the peace that is breathed in this Mediterranean paradise.

Since its opening, Biniarroca has continued betting with determination for the preservation of the environment of the island, with intact plots with trees from Menorca that act as a lung, as well as a garden dominated by plants, fruit trees and island shrubs. In addition, we have our own garden, which provides vegetables to the restaurant and hotel, and which we cultivate following ecological techniques.

With our own rainwater collection system and water tank, we follow the recommendations regarding the use of water resources, and we encourage our guests through signage in the rooms that join the initiative. All the machinery is energy efficient, we recycle the waste that we generate according to local guidelines, we manage used oil in an ecological way, and we are working in our own composter to close the cycle of organic waste and fertilize our gardens and orchard.